Advent of MR Reporting

Pharmaceutical Industry had been under significant focus due to several reasons, many of them were also the causes of discontentment among the industry namely; skyrocketing cost of drug discovery, operational and production cost, field force management and stringent measures of regulatory authorities. All such factors had put the pharmaceutical industry under pressure to explore ways and means to efficiently address these problems that had the potential to impact the well being of humanity.

Since long, E-Tech had identified the problems that were ailing the pharmaceutical industry and had nursed the conviction that only cutting edge IT solution was the only answer to address the needs of this industry. Consequently, after years of interaction with industry leaders, methodical research and analysis of every layer of the systems and functions of many pharmaceutical marketing and manufacturing companies, including the ways in which the MRs’ (Medical Representatives’) deployed in the field are assigned work, sales targets and their reporting system. MR Reporting- SFA software was finally launched in the year 2005 serving the critical requirement of pharmaceutical industry.

Today, even after a decade, MR Reporting remains the pioneering online Pharmaceutical Sales Force Automation (SFA) Software solution, indigenously developed and marketed by E Tech Healthcare Solutions Group. MRR has been successfully implemented in major pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing industry, where it is profitably running.

Over the years MR Reporting has earned immense popularity and appreciation of the pharmaceutical industry, even though the E-Tech services has been providing groundbreaking software solutions for more than fifteen years to the global IT industry.

Why MR Reporting

MR Reporting is a dedicated cloud based pharmaceutical CRM solution that actually increases sales force effectiveness by over 30% and reduces ‘Operating Cost’ by over 80% which finally translates into higher revenue generation from existing sales and marketing infrastructure. It also plays a vital role in building devoted relationships of the company both with doctors and Chemists. In Effect, MR Reporting CRM actually becomes your ‘Default Profit Centre’.

Some outstanding features are as follows:

  • It is specially designed for Pharmaceutical Marketing Companies.
  • Built in SFA module provides management and control of sales force activities.
  • Allows storage of sales data.
  • Generates analytical sales reports with ease.
  • It acts a prompt virtual assistant that never fails to remind MRs’ of various things to be done thus increase the efficiency of sales force which in turn helps in customer.
  • It reduces time required by the sales force to file their daily reports, leaving them more time to achieve their targets and business objectives.
  • Instant Set Up with On Demand.
  • No need for special OR additional hardware.