Development Sector across the world works in partnership with Governments, Development Agencies, Philanthropic Organizations and the private sector who identify and invest in the region’s social and economic growth and health care priorities.

Not long back E-Tech ventured into development sector, as it recognized the problems faced by the national and international development organizations and NGOs’ involved in delivering healthcare solutions to a billion plus population in India through their various programs. These agencies faced issues of implementation, management and monitoring of various healthcare programs at grass root level. Down the line, biggest challenge before most development organizations was of measuring the impact of a social development project.

E-Tech’s launched a pioneering MIS software better known as ‘NGO Field Tracker’ to enable the healthcare program initiatives of various Public, Private Sector and Community Programs to effectively manage and maintain data; to help them monitor, analyze these projects and efforts of health workers in the field; to capture real-time including impact analysis of information to facilitate the process of decision making, Awareness campaigns planning and Information dissemination at grass root level.

The sole purpose of E-Tech’s ‘NGO Field Tracker’ is to assist our clients to make a positive impact towards achieving inclusive healthcare program objective that will lead to sustainable socio – economic development, achieved through efficient use of resources. We help clients to understand their impact, improve and optimize the overall performance, efficiently preempt manage their risk and pursue a value for money agenda.


  • Analytical Dashboards with Business Intelligence.
  • Field Visits Analysis – Multiple Report generation.
  • Training Analysis of Frontline workers as in case of ASHA, ANM and AWW.
  • Analysis of Activities of Special Health Groups (SHG).
  • Activity analysis of caregivers.
  • Review of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Comparison of performance in multiple locations.
  • Partner Performance Reviews.
  • Analyzing Sustainability of Project Work.
  • User Friendly Web & Mobile Interface (SHG).
  • Multilingual Help Guide.
  • Dedicated Technical Team to supervise deployment and implementation process.(KPIs).
  • Round the clock client support system via phone, email and SMS.
  • Multiple access options : Android App, Smart Phone, Tablet, Internet Browser, Online Application, SMS.


The NGO Tracker is unique in many ways. Primarily with its simple and easy to use interface it can assess and capture data on day to day basis at anytime, using multiple devices, e.g. Mobile smart phone, Tablet, or at Cyber Café; in addition, with support of a specially developed Android App it is possible to save the data OFFLINE on the device itself, if no internet is available. This offline data lands in sync with the server, whenever the access to the internet is available.


The potential user communities comprise of all NGOs, RMPs’, village level doctors and frontline (e.g. ASHA, ANM, AWW) health workers involved in various development health programs. These agencies use ‘NGO Tracker’ to successfully implement various programs in the villages, designed to help people gain access to essential life saving medicines, health services and diagnostics to bring down the costs of treatment and expand the reach to life-saving technologies. The NGO Tracker also helps in monitoring the progress of field workers, and spread awareness about various health programs among the field force, medical practitioners, and drug stores.

The Key Deliverables of NGO Field Tracker software are:

  • Analytical Dashboards with Business Intelligence.
  • Field Visits Analysis – Multiple Reports.
  • Frontline Workers Training Analysis.
  • Special Health Groups (SHG) Activities Analysis.
  • Women Meetings Analysis.
  • Special Health Group (SHG) Activity Analysis.
  • School Activities Analysis.
  • Review of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Performance Comparison for multiple regions.
  • Partner Performance Reviews.
  • Analyzing Sustainability of Project Work.
  • SMS feature to post requisition of life saving medicines and rehydration aids.
  • Measuring the impact of the project.
  • Detailed mapping of operations at the data village / district / state wise.
  • Thorough mining and analysis of data.
  • GPS enabled Real time location mapping.
  • Data saved is available offline for subsequent perusal and analysis.
  • Better management of time, money and efforts.
  • Greater transparency, Increased economic impact, visible results.

NGO FIELD TRACKER – A sustainable Business Model

NGO FIELD TRACKER is totally a cloud based software that utilizes minimal IT infrastructure and revolves around superior yet realistic approach offering the development sector, NGOs’ works with public and private sector agencies a combination of powerful and easy to use MIS solutions. This platform provides a simple and effective solution and totally eliminates the burden of costly and tricky hardware installations. The NFT is a standalone and sustainable software that combines innovative easy-to-use and easy to deploy solutions offering healthcare providers the ability to better manages their field operations, resources and improves worker efficiencies’.

The product is fully scalable, as it can be used by a small team of 50 users or a large team of 10,000 users with vast geographic spread of the project. It is cost effective – the cost is managed by selling user logins on pay per user/ per month basis. The paid version for larger NGOs is also available with personalized services and customization.

The NGO Field Tracker technology empowers and motivates the existing human resources to achieve a higher level of performance and efficiency. Our healthcare driven tactical approach to program implementation is targeted towards delivering optimized results. Our team of professionals help train the staff in software design and architecture to ensure optimal results in the field build, testing, training, go-live and post go-live support to ensure full knowledge transfer across your organization.

NGO FIELD TRACKER – a truly versatile monitoring system, all its features have been tested in the field for more than a year.