E-Tech has been recognized as a strategic pharmaceutical software development partner for a wide range of pharmaceutical firms – from start-ups, midsize to well-established ones. With the adeptness in building robust and scalable software for the pharmaceutical industry, we become able to deliver a knowledge warehouse software on pharmaceutical industry which satiates the needs of our clients. Assistance of our clients and our method of working has driven us to pioneer a software that can meet the needs of our associated companies.

Our E-business solutions and application maintenance services in the pharmaceutical industry enable our clients to enhance regulatory compliance, reduce time to market and boost team collaboration and efficiency. We, at E-Tech offer solutions after determining the problems of our clients. Some of the pharmaceutical departments on which we offer our customized and state of the art software development solutions include:

  • R&D
  • Market Analytics
  • Marketing
  • Sales

Our pool of experts works closely with the R&D department of pharmaceutical firms to concentrate on their requirements for submission management, data integration, statistical analysis and reporting. Its online reporting software is also recognized and appreciated for a number of reasons including:

  • Making transparency
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Aiding collaboration
  • Enhancing accountability
  • Improving communication

Whenever you require our assistance, you can contact us as our services are round the clock for our customers.